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Uplift is Ireland’s fastest growing community taking coordinated action to create progressive change in Ireland.Together we’re fighting for an Ireland that’s equal and just - where people have a say over the big decisions that affect their lives. Over 4.5% of the Irish population are Uplift members, and together we are showing that people power works.

We take action through email and social media - we decide on campaigns together and send you different ways to take action on a range of issues. Can you take a minute to tell us what interests you?

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We’re a diverse community and all of our voices and opinions are important. You can read more about our values or some of the frequently asked questions on the website:

Fáilte roimh chách , we’re looking forward to working with you.
Transparency and accountability are very important to Uplift, and Uplift members – so we are very careful with how we collect and protect information about people who take action through Uplift. Uplift is careful only to collect and store information that’s necessary for furthering our core goals as a community – to engage and mobilise people in Ireland and the Irish diaspora in protecting our environment, fighting for social justice, standing up for equality, and deepening our democracy.