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Super trawlers, with nets larger than Croke Park are hoovering up fish stocks and killing dolphins and whales off the Irish coast.

Some of these vessel can process over 250 tonnes of fish a day and if stood on their end, would be almost twice the height of Ireland’s tallest building. [2] Imagine the damage they are doing to our fishing stock.

Europe’s fishing industry is already catching far more than current fish stocks can bear. Super trawlers have no concern for sustainable fisheries or over-exploited stocks.

Michael Creed is the minister in charge and it is up to him to do everything in his power to stop these super trawlers from destroying our fish stock and the livelihoods of fishing communities across Ireland.

Ireland needs low-impact, sustainable fishing industries that support regional jobs in coastal communities, not monster trawlers that send profits offshore, put at risk our high value recreational fisheries and kill protected marine life.

People power forced politicians in Australia to ban super trawlers. Due to EU law, the outright banning of super trawlers here will be very difficult to achieve. It is possible however, to put permanent observers on board to monitor what exactly is being caught. Other countries across the world have done it and it’s been an effective way of stopping them in their tracks.