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Can you email Cork County Council with your submission on the proposed changes to Casual Trading Bye Laws? There's a template email you can use, but if you can, personalise it. There are some pointers below:

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  • Cork County Council is obliged under the Casual Trading Act to consult with traders affected by the proposed changes to the operation of fairs and markets. To date this has not occurred in Co Cork and plans to introduce new regulations and rules should be immediately stalled until all traders and people affected are fully consulted in relation to the proposed new bye laws.
  • Markets across Cork county will be affected by proposed new regulations and rules. Market stall traders are already sufficiently regulated by the HSE, Revenue and Environmental Health.
  • These proposed bye laws will mean the location of markets and stalls can change without the consent of traders, the number of stalls and traders can be restricted and new rules about the operation of fairs and markets forced on traders without proper consultation and agreement.
  • Timeframes and new rules in relation to applying for trading licences are onerous. Nither do they take into consideration issues such as difficulties with literacy and high levels of social exclusion.
  • Market rights are public rights allowing members of the public to access markets, both as traders and consumers. The casual trading bye laws compromise these rights.

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