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To Simon Harris, Minister for Health and Mr Jim Daly

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We, the undersigned, call on you to deliver 24/7 community based mental health services across Ireland, that offer a holistic approach to mental health care for both young people and adults over the next two years.

People who experience a mental health crisis outside of regular hours face into often overcrowded A&E departments and long waits to get the help that they need. These services should be available around the clock and in their local communities.

Act now for 24/7 community mental health services.

Why is this important?

Presenting at A&E is often the only option for someone who needs emergency mental health care outside of regular hours. People who are experiencing severe mental distress should have easy access to services as soon as they need them, but instead - they are often forced to wait for hours in overcrowded Emergency Departments. [1]

But, together we can change this by demanding 24/7 community based mental health services, so people of all ages can easily get the holistic help they need, when they need it. Our Minister of State for Mental Health and Older People, Jim Daly, knows that mental health is a red line issue for Irish voters.

But we need to come together to bring the issue front and centre. If we build a huge petition demanding that Minister Daly urgently delivers 24/7 community based mental health services, and send that message in a way the Minister can’t ignore, we can make this issue her number one priority.

If you think that everyone should have access to holistic 24/7 mental health care in their community, then add your voice to the petition now.

[1] Mental Health Care will halt crisis in emergency departments

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