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Bring in legislation that stops Vulture Funds from making people homeless.

Why is this important?

If we don’t act now, homelessness in Ireland could get much worse. A terrifying new breed of property buyers known as ‘Vulture Funds’ are swooping in to make a quick profit on the housing market in Ireland. This could lead to evictions and home repossessions at a scale we’ve never seen before. But there’s a really good chance we could stop this if we act now. As we speak, Fianna Fáil are thinking about supporting a Bill that would take power away from Vulture Funds. If they get behind this bill - it would most likely pass in the Dáil. This would mean that people in mortgage arrears could stay in their homes. We need to act quickly though. Fianna Fáil are considering whether this bill is a good move for them politically - and they’ll have panicked Vulture Funds ringing them up already. But if we build a massive petition that goes viral - they’ll realise this is an issue voters care really deeply about - and they’ll be forced to listen to us instead.