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We call on you to end homelessness and give it the same level of priority shown to bailing out the banks. This means everyone living on the street must have a safe place to go, an end to people living long term in emergency accommodation and an end to social housing waiting lists.

Why is this important?

This year we’ve seen heartbreaking story after heartbreaking story; pregnant women sleeping on the streets, families with children sleeping in cars - enough is enough. We're all tired of the endless cycle of talk, broken promises and endless excuses. We need action on this right now. Let’s not wait till there are more deaths and children sleeping in parks.

As we face into Christmas 6,525 people are 'officially homeless' in Ireland. Thousands more are on the verge of homelessness. This problem could be solved - if there was enough political will. Together we can make our political leaders give the same level of priority to ending homelessness as they did when they bailed out the banks.

If you'd like to help, or get involved there are two ways you can help.

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